How to listen to audiobooks purchased on itunes on iphone

Nov 05, 2015 I purchased an audiobook on Itunes, then found I had to download the Ibooks app, how can I find it on either app? I see some screens that I should see How can I find an audiobook that I purchased via iTunes? iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore. com The first way to listen to purchased iTunes audiobooks on iPhone is to transfer them to iPhone directly using iTunes. If you are not familiar with iTunes, check out how to transfer your audiobooks from iTunes to iPhone from the instructions below.

You've got several options for listening to audiobooks on your iOS device. How to listen to audiobooks on iOS Audiobooks you sync from iTunes to your iOS device get If you purchased an audiobook from iTunes on MacPC, it might be a sync issue. Make sure the Sync Audiobooks option is checked under the Books tab of iTunes on MacPC.

Then Apply to sync the books to the iPhone. This guide will show you how to get audiobook from iTunes to iPhone in two ways. Company; How to Transfer Purchased or NonPurchased Audiobook from iTunes to iPhone. Summary. Are you looking for the method about how to transfer audiobook to iPhone? and most of your time is on the road? Listening to audiobooks on iPhone is a good choice