Wonderbook book of potions metacritic

You can create your own potions in the game but unfortunately this game does not have the access anymore it appears to link to pottermore as advertised. I also got through this game within 2 days of playing. Metacritic Game Reviews, Wonderbook: Book of Potions for PlayStation 3, Wonderbook: Book of Potions E3 2013 Trailer. Take a look at new Wonderbook game cocreated by J. K. Rowling. Wonderbook: Book of Potions is a Miscellaneous game, developed by SCEE London Studio and published by SCEA, which was released in 2013.

Wonderbook: Book of Potions is an augmented reality book offered by Sony and Pottermore, as a followup to the previouslyreleased Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It was released on 12 November 2013. It is based on Book of Potions, a fictional potions book. Wonderbook is a physical book accessory made of paper and card which comes to life on your television screen with the help of the PS3 console, PlayStation Move controller and PS Eye Camera. All you need is one book and the video game to watch the Wonderbook transform on your television screen.

Book of Spells is a decent proof of concept for the Wonderbook's augmented reality technology, but the rest of the experience fails to deliver anything memorable or worthwhile, quickly collapsing into an endless parade of gimmicks and dull, overly simplistic minigames.

Book of Spells received mixed to positive reviews from game critics. It holds a 72 on Metacritic, indicating" Mixed or Average reviews. " Critics praised the use of the Wonderbook technology by the use of both the PlayStation Move and augmented reality, while criticizing the game's short replay value.