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About the eBook Django RESTful Web Services pdf Design, build and test RESTful web services with the Django framework and Python.

Key Features. Create efficient realworld RESTful web services with the latest Django framework Book Name: Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring Author: Ludovic Dewailly ISBN10: Year: 2015 Pages: 115 Language: English File size: 2. 5 MB File format: PDF. Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring Book Description: REST is an architectural style that tackles the challenges of building scalable web services.

This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes to help you take advantage of REST, HTTP, and the infrastructure of the Web. You'll learn ways to design RESTful web services for client and server applications that meet performance, scalability, reliability, and security goals, no matter what programming language and development framework you use. " Every developer working with the Web needs to read this book.

" David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Rails framework" RESTful Web Services finally provides a practical roadmap for constructing services that embrace the Web, in About the eBook Building RESTful Web services with Go pdf Explore the necessary concepts of REST API development by building few real world services from scratch.

RESTful Web Services shows you how to use those principles without the drama, the big words, and the miles of indirection that have scared a generation of web developers into thinking that web services are so hard that you have to rely on BigCo implemen